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Hey guys, this summer I am studying two species of freshwater mussels native to Texas, Q. petrina and Q. aurea. The significance of studying these species is that both are considered threatened species in Texas, and little is known about

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So Long, Farewell, Good-Bye

It’s hard to believe these 10 weeks are coming to an end. I’ve learned so much and have met so many wonderful people. My research has yielded some very exciting results. The DON which some research assumes to be refractory turned

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Incubation procedure and nutrient analysis: Update

The past several weeks have been very exciting! As soon as we collected the seawater samples I was working in the lab and following protocol. The incubation and associated harvesting time points have all been on schedule and we even

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N15-Alanine Experiment: Introduction

                Hello everyone! My name is Alex Bianco and I am undergraduate student pursuing a degree in oceanography from Humboldt State University. Over the next two months I’ll be working together with Dr.

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