Author: Grayson Barker
Evolution, ecology, and environmental biology major at Appalachian State University.

Final post

A lot of data has been gathered about lentic ecosystems, such as lakes and ponds, and lotic ecosystems, such as rivers. However, there is a gap in the literature that doesn’t address ecosystems that fall somewhere in between. One example

Tidal Freshwater Zone

First off I would like to clarify one point in my last post. Oscillic refers to the movement of the water in terms of flow rate and retention time. Oscillic water is water that does not strictly behave like a

Oxygen profiles in benthic, oscillic freshwater zones

Hello everyone, my name is Grayson Barker and I’m an undergraduate participating in the research experience for undergraduates program sponsored by the National Science Foundation. I was accepted for the fellowship that’s being held at the University of Texas Marine