Author: Gabriela Salcedo

Diatoms are great

  Abstract time: Structures for motility are non-existent in vegetative-stage centric diatoms yet they exhibit a sinking property and have been found to be positively buoyant. The sinking and ascent rates of diatoms can vary for different reasons within species

Modeling the Sinking and Ascending Properties of Diatoms

We are halfway through the REU program. My model is complete. It is a series of functions that takes a list of diatom sinking and ascent rates, as well as properties of the SETCOL column, and individually assigns each diatom

Ascent and Descent

Hello! My name is Gabriela Salcedo and I’m a student from Carnegie Mellon University. My primary major is physics but I have taken an interest in marine science which is why I am here. I hope to learn more about