Author: Charles Davis

So Long Port A

Beyond Recycling: A Closer Look into the Association Between Algae and Bacteria Charles Davis1, Dr. Deana Erdner2 Rice University1, University of Texas Marine Science Institute2 Although phytoplankton and bacteria exist in two separate domains of the phylogenetic tree of life,

Mid REU Update.

Hey everyone! I can’t believe we’re already halfway through the program and I’m excited for whats next. My project is well underway. So far we have successfully uploaded the sequence data, and used QIIME, a program for microbial ecology, to

Phytoplankton are Cool, And not the Plankton form the Spongbob

Hi, my name’s Charles. I live in Jackson,MS, and I just completed my first year at Rice University.  I am  majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (this is one major and also a mouthful) with a possible minor in Environmental