Mid REU Update.

Hey everyone! I can’t believe we’re already halfway through the program and I’m excited for whats next. My project is well underway. So far we have successfully uploaded the sequence data, and used QIIME, a program for microbial ecology, to organize the data. QIIME is run through the terminal app on the computer, so when ever you mess up commands you get error commands, which becomes very disheartening when you spend an entire day trying to do one command. I am now using the program PAST which is used to analyze paleontological data to perform statistical analyses, because the interface is much more forgiving than QIIME. Even though the majority of my work involves me getting frustrated with a computer, the experience is worth it because I will have to lean these skills later.

It’s been a blast getting to know the other REU students, and hanging out in Port A on the weekend. A couple weeks back we went to Six Flags in San Antonio which was super fun because I had never been to either San Antonio or Six Flags. Last weekend, we went on the RV Katy with another group of REU students. While on the Katy we did several field tests that allowed us to get a closer look at marine life. I got to see a baby squid which was really awesome, because I got to look at its chromataphores.

This program has been very interesting so far, and I can t wait for what’s next.

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