Is island life the best life? This islander says yes!

Hey everyone, My name is Kwame Forbes from St. Thomas USVI and I attend college at the University of the Virgin Islands. I am a third-year biology student who is interested in going to graduate school for marine science. Born and raised on an island, I have had the pleasure of being within walking distance to the beach all my life.

I am grateful for the opportunity to be working with a well published marine scientist like Dr. Fuiman this summer on the rearing of pigfish. Pigfish is a common baitfish found and used throughout the coastal waters of the southeastern United States. Their short time required to reach market size (3-4 months), and high consumer demand make them an excellent choice for aquaculture. The aim of the my study is to add to the knowledge of rearing larval pigfish by finding out which water condition(s) are most beneficial to their survival, growth, and digestive enzyme activity. Data generated from this study could lead to an increase in native stocks of pigfish by providing a year-round supply of pigfish which can increase fishing opportunities creating a larger income for the local fish industry.

Before this program I have never heard of aquaculture but being here I have learned a lot.  And who know maybe I can introduce it to my island.

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