A Mid-Westerner Sweating in Texas for Science

Hey guys, my name is Ally Savoie and I am from Dayton, Ohio where I attend Wright State University. This upcoming fall I will be a senior and will be graduating in the spring (WOOH!). I major in Earth & Environmental Science with a concentration in Environmental Science, which basically means I prefer to study water and plants instead of rocks. I have always been in love with traveling and being around the water, which is a good thing because I work at a pool, swim for Wright State, and study nitrogen in different aquatic ecosystems in a lab back at Wright State. I really enjoy biology and chemistry and I feel that my project this summer combines those two subjects in perfect balance.

I’m very excited to be working with Dr. McClelland this summer on studying phytoplankton communities in the Aransas River’s tidal freshwater zone. We will be using three different methods to look at the communities in this zone including flow cytometry, size fractionation with chlorophyll and phycobiliproteins, and microscope examination. I will also be working on a small side project related to nitrogen uptake and regeneration. This is pretty exciting research because there hasn’t been a lot of studies done in this area or these zones so we’re not really sure what to expect yet.

So far the program has been a really awesome experience since I have never been to Texas or gotten to really work on my own research project. The other students have all been super helpful and supportive, which is a huge relief since I didn’t know how I would like living in a dorm around people all the time. Things have been pretty hectic from the start but on the plus┬áside, I’ve already gotten a pretty rad tan.

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