Month: July 2016

Isolating Single Cells from Phytoplankton

One of the normal things people say about science, is that things almost never goes by the way you expect them to, that behind every project there are many backup plans, and I’ve proven this to be right. For the

Captain’s Log: Update on Phytoplankton Research

Hello everybody! It has now been about a month living in Port Aransas and working in Dr. Zhanfei Liu’s lab. I must say that I am having the greatest summer of my life here. I’ve met and became great friends


Hey guys, this summer I am studying two species of freshwater mussels native to Texas, Q. petrina and Q. aurea. The significance of studying these species is that both are considered threatened species in Texas, and little is known about

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Modeling the Sinking and Ascending Properties of Diatoms

We are halfway through the REU program. My model is complete. It is a series of functions that takes a list of diatom sinking and ascent rates, as well as properties of the SETCOL column, and individually assigns each diatom