Month: June 2016

Tidal freshwater zone research update

As I reach the halfway point of the program I am realizing that time is flying by, yet I have learned so much about the research process and I have experienced both the lab and the field aspect of this research

Analyzing samples from the White Oak River estuary and the NERR

Hi everyone, we are already on week 5 and I’ve just obtained my samples from the NERR today, which means next week is going to be filled with DNA and RNA extractions and maybe even a PCR or two. Also

My O-fish-al Project Launch

Since my last blog post, I have finally settled on an individual project for the summer. I will be studying multi-species spawning aggregations of fish and the environmental factors that influence the locations of these aggregations. Spawning is the period

Ctenophores Don’t Agree With Me

It’s hard to start off a blog post smoothly when the first thing you have to report is that almost all of your ctenophore test subjects are dead and it’s too late to continue on with that same project. It’s

Tidal Freshwater Zone

First off I would like to clarify one point in my last post. Oscillic refers to the movement of the water in terms of flow rate and retention time. Oscillic water is water that does not strictly behave like a

Phytoplankton Community Structure of Five Estuaries

Hello everyone! I’m Lucas Martinez, born and raised in Austin Texas and proud of it! I’m currently a senior at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi in pursuit of a degree in biology with a minor in chemistry. All aspects of marine

Tracking Fish Spawning and Growth in the Gulf of Mexico

Hello! My name is Christina Clemens and I am going to be a senior at Trinity University in the fall. I am a biology major that originally found a passion for science in my hometown of Austin, Texas. This summer

Ctenophores are cool

Hello, my name is Jorge Andrés Ramírez Martínez and I’m a general biology and Italian language and culture student at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez. Back home in PR I’ve worked mainly with freshwater testate amoebas, but during

Ascent and Descent

Hello! My name is Gabriela Salcedo and I’m a student from Carnegie Mellon University. My primary major is physics but I have taken an interest in marine science which is why I am here. I hope to learn more about

Gene Copy Number and Phytoplankton

Hello everyone! My name is Patricia Rodriguez-Matos. Currently I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in General Biology at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez campus. For this summer’s REU I will be working under the mentorship of Dr. Deana Erdner. We will be analyzing different