Month: August 2015

An Interview with Dr. Saydur Rahman

Dr. Saydur Rahman is a research scientist working with Dr. Peter Thomas at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute in Port Aransas, Texas. Dr. Rahman was born in Bangladesh, where he obtained his undergraduate degree and worked as a

So Long, Farewell, Good-Bye

It’s hard to believe these 10 weeks are coming to an end. I’ve learned so much and have met so many wonderful people. My research has yielded some very exciting results. The DON which some research assumes to be refractory turned

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Ta Ta For Now, Port A

Wow! It’s hard for me to believe my time here in Port Aransas is coming to an end! This has been such an amazing experience which has really opened my eyes to the experience of being a research scientist! I’ve

Interesting results lead to more questions… How light color effects redfish larvae

Hello everyone, Our REU program may be coming to an end, but we are still running experiments over in the Fuiman lab at the Fisheries and Mariculture building. However, we have already found some very interesting trends in the survival and

Final REU Blog Post

It’s hard to believe that this is the last blog post for the 2015 REU program. This summer has flown by, and I can’t believe that we are giving our final presentations in just a few days. For the past

Final Week at UTMSI

We are into our final week here at UT Marine Science Institute and are preparing to present our REU projects on Wednesday morning.  The past 10 weeks have been an outstanding opportunity for me to experience researching marine microbial ecology. In

Organic matter and grain size comparisons in river sediments: Final thoughts

I cannot believe the REU program is almost over and we leave on Friday! I’m really going to miss all of the REUs and the other people I have met here at UTMSI, as well as living right on the

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Downstream Changes in the Mission and Aransas Rivers

My time here in sunny Port A is coming to a close, and over the last couple of weeks I have uncovered some interesting trends in all of the data I collected. I found a lot of different correlations and