Month: July 2015

Dispersing Knowledge with Dr. Hernando Bacosa

Dispersing knowledge with Dr. Hernando Bacosa Dr. Hernando Bacosa is a post-doctoral fellow in the labs of both Dr. Deana Erdner and Dr. Zhanfei Liu at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute. He recently presented his research on photooxidation

An Interview with Jace Tunnell, Director of the Mission-Aransas National Estuarine Research Reserve

Jace Tunnell, director of the Mission-Aransas National Estuarine Research Reserve (Reserve), gave the July 16 UTMSI Departmental Seminar on “How to create an impactful 2 minute video of your research project”. In his presentation he gave tips on recording footage

Incubation procedure and nutrient analysis: Update

The past several weeks have been very exciting! As soon as we collected the seawater samples I was working in the lab and following protocol. The incubation and associated harvesting time points have all been on schedule and we even

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Reconstructing genomes of hydrocarbon degrading microbes

We are now roughly halfway through our research projects here at UTMSI and things are coming together quite well.  Over the past few weeks I have been attempting to isolate near complete genomes of organisms from microbial communities that are involved

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Tracking migrations through fish scales: Update

Hello all! So after the initial rush to prepare my scale samples for stable isotope analysis  during the first two weeks of the project, the work for my specific project has slowed down as we wait for our results to

Analyzing Oscillic Zone Sediments: Update

Wow, these past weeks have been crazy and exciting! The Hardison and McClelland labs have been bustling with activity. Two weeks ago we journeyed into Tropical Storm Bill to collect sediment cores from the Mission River. Sopping wet but satisfied

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Extending the Poole Inlet chronology

Hello again, everyone! We are halfway through our stay on this island, and it has been a wonderful experience so far. My research project is going smoothly, as I have just begun to extend the Poole Inlet geoduck chronology. I

Starting off slow, construction finishes up this week

The last month has been filled with a variety of preparatory tasks for myself and Dr. Lee Fuiman, as well as the staff at FAML and the UT maintenance team. After finishing my research proposal, our focus on getting this project

Effects of Oil on Plankton Communities: Update

Hi everyone! I’ve been working with Dr. Buskey and his lab for four weeks, and my research is really starting to come together. We will be setting up experimental trials with natural populations of plankton, exposing them to oil and

Buoyancy in Diatoms Project Update

Hi people, we have decided to look on how the light intensity affects diatoms sinking and ascent rates. I am already growing cultures of Thalassiosira spp., Pseudonitchzia spp., and Chaetoceros spp. in four different light intensity levels (150, 75, 25,