Buoyancy in diatoms

Hi, my name is Eduardo Perez Vega. I am currently obtaining a bachelors degree in general biology at the University of Puerto Rico, Bayamón campus. My main interest in marine science is studying plankton; as part of the REU program at UTMSI, I am working with Dr. Tracy Villareal and Gene Oh, his graduate student. My project consists of measuring the sinking behavior of small marine diatoms, specifically looking at evidence of positive buoyancy. So far, I have collected diatom samples and isolated some of them to make various monocultures. After the diatoms grow, I will put them in a stable density settling column, to observe sinking characteristics. I will be able to observe these sinking characteristics by recording the diatoms with a camera. If this experiment is successful, we will be able to see positive buoyancy in small diatoms, which could be a possible pathway of nitrate transport into the euphotic zone.

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One comment on “Buoyancy in diatoms
  1. Conchi says:

    Great! You have a very interesting project going on. Learn as much as you can and bring that knowledge back to Puerto Rico.

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